Affiliate Program Details

ReLeaf and LinguaGuard

ReLeaf – Hands Free HVE System for dental offices and dental schools that connects easily to existing dental vacuum systems and provides easy, efficient, and comfortable hands free dental suction during procedures.
LinguaGuard – HVE tip retraction aid for dental assistants, hygienists, and dental students. Disposable tips attach to the end of vented HVE straws that are already in use at dental offices.

Market Opportunity:

ReLeaf and LinguaGuard are a valuable addition to any dental office, large or small. We are looking to get both products in the hands of every dental professional and dental student in the country. ReLeaf’s primary target customers are hygienists and LinguaGuard’s primary customers are dental assistants and dentists.

Sales Methods:

We encourage our affiliates to use all communication methods available in their sales efforts. In person visits (most effective for first contact), phone calls, emails, social media platforms, study groups, schools, and dental related networking events. We will provide printed flyers and a PowerPoint presentation for you to utilize during your office presentations. The more efficient and effective you are with your time, the more sales you’ll make and the more money you can bring home!

Affiliate Compensation:

With both ReLeaf and LinguaGuard, the products are single use and disposable, so the recurring income potential is substantial for those affiliates that put in the most effort on initial and follow up sales.

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