Is hands free dental evacuation here to stay?

During the last decade, there has been an increasing emphasis on hands-free suction devices. Products like ReLeaf (, Isolite ( and the Blue Boa( have prompted other manufacturers to introduce creative ways to solve this increasing demand for efficient dental suction solutions. 

Ever since the slow speed suction straw was created hygienists have been bending them, pinching them and either hanging them on the patients inner cheek or having the patient hold the suction straw during procedures. It was only a matter of time before innovators saw this issue and decide to bring dentistry into the 21st century by creating products that would make dental evacuation operator free. 

These innovations will have a huge impact on dentistry. Dental evacuation is needed in all dental procedures and it's estimated that over 1 billion evacuation straws are sold yearly. 

How will this new trend of hands free evacuation tools affect you? 

By shifting your focus from evacuation to the procedure.

When dental evacuation is taken care of the practitioner can focus on the task at hand. They can examine, diagnose and provide treatment more efficiently. Practitioners who use such devices save an average of 15 minutes per patient. Also, it's been documented that utilizing a hands free solution provides a more ergonomic workflow for the dental professional while also increasing comfort for the patient. 

How about the cost of hands free evacuation?

Different manufacturers offer solutions ranging from .50 cents to $4. Finding the right one depends on your needs. Make sure you read the reviews before purchasing.

If the cost is holding you back, then think about the time savings alone.

The average hygienist sees approximately 1,500 patients per year.

Saving 15 minutes per patient on 1,500 patients is huge. It's about 375 hours per year! 

If you're a hygienist and get paid by commission or bonuses, then a hands free solution will absolutely change the way you work and how many patients your office can see efficiently.